Hardwood Maple Cutting Board - Everest
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Hardwood Maple Cutting Board - Everest

Vendor: North Castle Hardwoods

Everest Cutting Board Design

The Everest features hard maple, a classic material for cutting boards, in the center of the design. The brightness and the cleanness of our hard maple contrasts with the warmth of the cherry and nobility of the black walnut pieces in this board. 

The Everest is no ordinary cutting board; it's an elegant platform on which to present a gourmet meal. 

This large hardwood cutting board features a juice groove and has beveled edges for comfortable handling.  It's finished with food grade mineral oil and beeswax.

Cutting board dimensions: 1-1/16”(T) x 13.5”(W) x 22”(L)

    Taking Care of Your Cutting Board

    Wood is a natural material that "breathes" in and out humidity and moisture.  Unlike plastic or glass, hardwood cutting boards have proven antimicrobial properties.  North Castle Hardwoods cutting boards are stunning, environmentally friendly, and safe in your kitchen. 

    Because hardwood naturally moves along the growth rings as it shrinks and expands (typically shrinks in winter and expands in summer), we recommend that you stabilize the wood by applying food grade mineral oil to your cutting board after it is completed.  Leave it overnight to let the oil be absorbed and wipe it off with a clean disposable towel.  Reapply oil to any visibly dry spots as needed.  

    You should continue to treat or condition your cutting board with mineral oil periodically (once a month) to prevent cracks or splits, or more frequently if you live in an extremely wet or dry climate. 

    Remember, never leave your hardwood cutting board in your kitchen sink!  Keep it out of water when not being used. Wipe it dry immediately after each wash.  Solid hardwood cutting boards can also be resurfaced to remove knife marks or discoloration.  After refinishing, it will be like a new board.  With proper care, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of wood for many years to come.