What Do Woodworkers Want for Christmas? Best Gifts for Wood Crafters

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What Do Woodworkers Want for Christmas? Best Gifts for Wood Crafters

Gifts for Woodworkers from North Castle Hardwoods

Need a surefire gift idea for the woodworker in your life?

In our opinion, the best idea is hiding in plain sight.

Sure, you could shop for tools like a drill bit set, a heavy-duty utility square, or a miter saw.

You could get your favorite artisan a shop apron, a hand planer, or a stocking stuffer like some carpenter's pencils. We hear that woodworkers never have enough clamps. Those are cool, too.

But you want to know what will really make a woodworker's eyes light up like a kid's on Christmas morning?


Wood of the caliber you get from North Castle Hardwoods, to be exact.

We're talking top-grade hardwood boards, milled satiny smooth. Walnut, cherry, or maple -- selected for pure grain pattern and rich color from the finest timber that grows in North America.

Our hardwood lumber is expertly kiln-dried and stress-relieved to ensure stability that holds up to the most detailed woodworking craftsmanship.

This kind of wood makes the very best gift for woodworkers.

Every craftsman dreams of getting their hands on blank canvas of this quality, so they can flex their skills and turn the treasure of the forest into a creation of their own.

Get your woodworker a gift card from North Castle Hardwoods.

Lumber Gift Cards from North Castle Hardwoods

Purchase a gift card at this link.

Gift Ideas for Novice Woodworkers

Cutting boards are perfect for new woodworkers. All you need is glue and clamps -- though you do still need a lot of clamps.

Our cutting board kits also work well for gourmet cooks and DIY cooks who cook everything from scratch.

We also have premade cutting boards. Get those for mom. Or, you know, for yourself.

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