1/8" Hard Maple - Thin Stock
1/8" Hard Maple - Thin Stock
1/8" Hard Maple - Thin Stock
1/8" Hard Maple - Thin Stock

1/8" Hard Maple - Thin Stock

Vendor: North Castle Hardwoods

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Thickness: 1/8" Hard Maple*
1/2" Hard Maple 1/4" Hard Maple 1/8" Hard Maple
Width: 3"*
Length: 12"*

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Hard Maple Wood Thin Stock Lumber - 1/8"

Our dimensional hard maple (acer saccharum or "sugar maple") is sourced from the best growing regions around the Great Lakes. In these regions hard maple trees are mostly second-growth, growing with such a high sap-to-heart ratio that they are often known as “pencil heart” maple.  This leads to our final products that are consistently bright and attractive, utilizing the brighter sap wood as compared to the darker colored heart wood.  Our hard maple lumber and dimensional products are predominantly white, with very little to no brown heart.

Hard maple is known for its hardness, density and its resistance to wear and abrasion. It also offers a very bright color which makes it desirable for applications that require high contrast such as bowling alleys and dance hall or gymnasium flooring. Its hardness and appearance also make it an ideal material for projects ranging from musical instruments to toys and crafts.  It also works in kitchen applications such as butcher blocks and cutting boards.

To learn more about our proprietary grades, check out our custom grading rules that are always a notch (or two) above the competition.

Product Features

  • 1/8" S4S white hard maple thin stock.
  • Dimensioned to 1/8" thickness. (See tolerance chart.)
  • Widths are finished at a tolerance of -1/32" up to +1/2" extra width.
  • Lumber is very carefully dry-kilned to 6-8% M.C. (moisture content) and then stress relieved.  This produces lumber that is free of internal stress, flat, and very stable.
  • Our hard maple thin stock dimensional products are minimum 90% sap (white) one face; the reverse face will also have virtually no heartwood.

Working with Hard Maple Lumber

Occasionally hard maple lumber may contain natural characteristics such as curly or birdseye.  If you are looking for wood with distinct hard maple characters, please call us. The texture is fine.

Hard maple is moderately hard and may need to sharpen your cutting tools a bit more often when working with this species. It accepts finishing well. It can be stained and finished to achieve your desired final aesthetic. 

We suggest that you always wear a protective mask as the dust may be harmful to your health.