4/4 White Ash Lumber
4/4" (13/16") White Ash - Dimensional Lumber
4/4" (13/16") White Ash - Dimensional Lumber
4/4 White Ash Lumber
4/4" (13/16") White Ash - Dimensional Lumber
4/4" (13/16") White Ash - Dimensional Lumber

4/4" (13/16") White Ash - Dimensional Lumber

Vendor: North Castle Hardwoods

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Thickness: 4/4" White Ash*
4/4" White Ash 5/4" White Ash 6/4" White Ash
Width: 2.5"*
Length: 18"*

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4/4 S4S Dimensional White Ash Wood (Finished to 13/16")

Our dimensional White Ash thin stock is kiln dried, carefully sorted, dimensioned, and surfaced on 4 sides to produce top-quality lumber with brilliant color and consistent grain.

North Castle Hardwoods produces white ash wood boards from true white ash (fraxinus americana) timber.  Our ash lumber is harvested from select forests to ensure the best color and texture available.  White ash is lightweight, durable and has excellent shock resistance. 

To learn more about our proprietary grades, check out our custom grading rules that are always a notch (or two) above the competition.

Product Features

  • 4/4 S4S white ash stock.
  • Dimensioned and finished to 13/16” thickness. (See tolerance chart.)
  • Widths are finished at a tolerance of -1/32" and up to +1/2" extra width.
  • Lumber is carefully dry-kilned to 6-8% M.C. (moisture content) and then stress relieved in the kiln.  This produces lumber that is free of internal stress, flat, and very stable.
  • Our white ash dimensioned products are produced and sorted for excellent color.  While we cannot always guarantee sap restrictions in ash grading, the heartwood in our lumber, if included, is carefully controlled and inspected to provide a smooth blend of white sapwood and heartwood that ranges in color from light tan to light brown. 
  • All our white ash lumber is carefully stress relieved in dry-kilns and free of internal stress. Boards will remain straight, flat and true throughout the machining process. 

Characteristics of White Ash

High grade white ash lumber has a large sap content, compared to heartwood. The sapwood is light-colored and bright. The heartwood ranges from light tan to medium brown.  At North Castle Hardwoods we maintain an excellent blend of sapwood and heartwood in our dimensional products.

White ash lumber is tough, hard and strong.  With a Janka rating of 1320, its hardness score is near the top of the charts. Lighter than maple, white ash is the strongest North American hardwood for its weight.

White ash is an open grain wood and takes stain and finish well.  Make sure your tools are sharp! Ash is so tough that it may burn if your tools are dull or dirty.  

Working with White Ash Lumber

White ash lumber is popular for furniture, cabinetry, and crafts. It has excellent steam bending properties and is used in Windsor chairs and other decorative furniture. It is the famous wood of choice for classic baseball bats like the Louisville Slugger. White ash has low moisture resistance, so it's best suited for interior woodworking projects.

We suggest that you always wear a protective mask as the dust may be harmful to your health.