6/4 Cherry Lumber
6/4" (1-5/16") Cherry - Dimensional Lumber
6/4" (1-5/16") Cherry - Dimensional Lumber
6/4 Cherry Lumber
6/4" (1-5/16") Cherry - Dimensional Lumber
6/4" (1-5/16") Cherry - Dimensional Lumber

6/4" (1-5/16") Cherry - Dimensional Lumber

Vendor: North Castle Hardwoods

SKU: CHRY-064-L18-025

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Thickness: 6/4" Cherry*
4/4" Cherry 5/4" Cherry 6/4" Cherry
Width: 2.5"*
Length: 18"*

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6/4" Cherry Hardwood - Finished to 1-5/16"

Our dimensional black cherry (prunus serotina) lumber is sourced only from the prime cherry-producing regions in North America.  The color and texture are consistent and beautiful.  Cherry may contain some natural characteristics such as curly or gum spots. While gum spots are a natural character that cannot be completely avoided, North Castle Hardwoods ensures minimum gum by limiting our logging area to where the best timber grows.

Cherry is well known for its durability and dimensional stability after kiln drying.  All our cherry lumber is carefully harvested, sawmilled, kiln dried, and stress relieved.  It is a good choice for furniture, table tops, kitchenware, or architectural applications such as cabinetry.  It's very popular in kitchenware and and as an accent to mix in with other species.  Our cherry dimensioned stock is free of large knots and has low sap content. When finished, cherry has a smooth satiny texture.

To learn more about our proprietary grades, check out our custom grading rules that are always a notch (or two) above the competition.

Product Features

  • 6/4" surfaced 4 sides (S4S) black cherry stock.
  • Dimensioned and finished to approximately 1-5/16" (33.3mm)
  • Widths are finished at a tolerance of -1/32" and up to +1/2" extra width.
  • Lumber is very carefully dry-kilned to 6-8% M.C. (moisture content) and then stress relieved.  This produces lumber that is free of internal stress, flat, and very stable.
  • Very low sap content. 95% heartwood on one face. 

Working with Cherry Lumber

Due to its consistent texture, dimensioned cherry machines well and is very easy to work with. While we prefer oil and wax as a finish to show off its beautiful natural grain and character, black cherry will easily accept any other stain and finishing material such as lacquer and polyurethane.

We suggest that you always wear a protective mask as the dust may be harmful to your health.